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What is The Compact?

The Compact is a set of principles and guidelines that help to build and maintain positive working relationships between the voluntary and public sectors.

What does it mean to be a Compact Partner?

When your organisation agrees to The Compact principles by taking The Compact Pledge it becomes a Compact Partner. This means that you have agreed to work within the guidelines and principles set out in The Compact. It also means that when your organisation works alongside another Compact Partner, you have the expectation that they will also work in a way that is consistent with principles set out in The Compact.

Can any organisation become a Compact Partner?

Any voluntary, community, social enterprise (VCSE) or public sector organisation in Wiltshire can become a Compact Partner by taking The Compact Pledge. The Compact considers all Compact Partners equally regardless of size, status or income.

How can my organisation become a Compact Partner?

An organisation can become a Compact Partner by taking The Compact Pledge.


How does The Compact help organisations work together?

The Compact gives all partners confidence in approaching working relationships with each other, secure in the knowledge that there are agreed protocols for managing otherwise difficult situations e.g. consultation, the allocation of funding, and monitoring of performance. There are also agreements on the support available for the promotion of volunteering and expectations with regard to equalities and inclusion.

Is The Compact a legally binding agreement?

The Compact is a set of guidelines and principles rather than a legally binding contract between individual organisations. When your organisation takes The Compact Pledge this shows that you are willing to abide by its principles in good faith.

What is a Compact Champion?

A Compact Champion is the named person in your organisation that is responsible for making sure The Compact is adhered to. The Compact Champion ensures that your organisation abides by The Compact principles and informs/educates other people in the organisation about The Compact.

Do we have to pay to become a Compact Partner?

There is no fee for becoming a Compact Partner. Our resources and services are also completely free of charge.

We'd like to raise a dispute, can The Compact help?

Whilst The Compact is good at fostering positive collaboration between the VCSE and public sector, we recognise that occasionally things can go wrong. The Compact can intervene to mediate a dispute between Compact Partners in the event that partner organisations cannot come to a mutually beneficial agreement. For more information on how to raise a dispute please see the ‘Positive Dispute Resolution’ guidelines.